Alan is the project coordinator for PROSOCIAL. He is also a documentary filmmaker, whose work has focused primarily on environmental issues, winning awards for journalism, photography, and editing. His documentaries have been broadcast on PBS stations nationwide, and educational versions of his films have been distributed to schools internationally. Several years ago he began shifting his focus to what he considers the problem that underlies environmental, and for that matter, nearly all human conflict — differing perceptions of fairness. He began to investigate the human sense of fairness from an evolutionary perspective, and his research eventually led to the work of Elinor Ostrom, and her design principles for common-pool resource groups, which he considers a practical blueprint for implementing fairness within a group. At the same time, some of his multimedia work on fairness was published in This View of Life, the online magazine of the Evolution Institute. This led to an invitation to participate in the initial planning session for PROSOCIAL. He is currently producing informational and training videos for PROSOCIAL, as well as helping to manage its growth into an effective worldwide organization that can bring more fairness to every aspect of life on the planet.